It’s Coming!! Winter is Coming!!

Well, I think “winter” is officially over, but just in time for Game of Thrones to air, once again!!

Excitement for the television series aside, I am also very excited that April 26th is just around the corner, and if that date doesn’t ring a bell with you, here’s a pretty flyer to embed into your memory (AND ALL OVER YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS….please and thank you!! ;)

It’s going to be a killer event!!! Live crafting for you to make and take, delicious food, fun people, cocktails, and albeit BEAUTIFULLY put together in terms of artists/crafters/and location.

Here’s a peek at some of the items that Grey Theory Mill will be offering at Maker’s Arcade!! I’d also like to say that I will be offering special pricing on all Grey Theory Mill Goods for this special day!! So make sure you come by and get your finery <3
il_570xN.578986728_9o0e il_570xN.579010480_1i3j
Shirts printed on American Apparel! Tees and tanks available in certain designs.



A very wide assortment of hypoallergenic earrings!! See more on ETSY by clicking here

il_570xN.580066667_7wem il_570xN.579957134_p712 il_570xN.579950780_lm3v il_570xN.564066778_4age


and an equal amount of necklaces :)



See you there, friends!!


In similar fashion

I’ve been keeping busy! Just like my last post explains. Thankfully, I have some fabulous friends who are willing to help me with the goals that I set…and in some cases, even surprise me with things that I was not expecting!!

So, before I post the fabulousness, I want to thank a few fine folks: Chris for always being enthusiastic to help my ideas come to life, sit in traffic on his way home because I held him up for his moral support, AND for making such an awesome video of Grey Theory Mill printing shirts!! Karen for being a HOOT to be around, for your interest and kind words about me and my doings, AND you’re mad-awesome photography skills!! I also love that you’re typically a 5 minute drive my home and you’re always working on something totally-freaking-awesome and inspiring. Victor for being a flippin’ beast, loaning me some of your personal screens, answering all my worried texts, helping and printing nearly all of my water base…because I was a chicken, and always willing to step up to a challenge. Tom for being so supportive, encouraging, and fun in class. You are a wealth of knowledge and I enjoy you immensely. Leah for being YOU. For being my backboard, for talking sense into me, for your enthusiastic “YEEEAH’s”, for always encouraging and pushing me in such positive directions, for being an entrepreneur, for being and doing and living a rad life……and for being such a great-great-freind….you’re kind of my bestie (shuffles foot in the dirt and blushes)
JB for being my rock, being honest when you have an opinion about something (or no opinion, haha) and being so encouraging.
AND my awesome friends from work and on instagram/facebook…you all are making such a profound impact on me and the direction I am taking with Grey Theory. Thank you so-so much for stream of nice words, encouragements, and ‘likes’.

And without further ado…here is the AWESOME video Chris shot/edited/and put my current favorite song to!! ENJOY!



Busy, busy, busy

In case you didn’t know, this is my FAVORITE emoji. (Me and you both, Leah!! ;)


That aside, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for a busy schedule!! Both personally and with Grey Theory!!
The freelance art and design aspect of GTM has always been feast or famine…but here’s what’s on the books for the next few months (so far):
–a mural for an up-n-coming/soon to open water store in San Diego
–a sandwich board for the water store’s storefront
–price signage and other misc. projects that will be elaborated on upon completion :)
–a wedding invitation design
–a vitamin promotional sign/display

This is all in addition to keeping up with the shops that carry GTM products, prepping for the Maker’s Arcade at the end of next month, printing shirts, and *hopefully* being able to pull everything together in time to apply for the Patchwork show in Santa Ana.

It’s a very exciting time!! And on an unrelated note, I am re-reading the Harry Potter series in my before-bed and lunch-break free time AND CAN I JUST SAY IT’S FREAKING AWESOME AND I AM NERDING OUT ON THE DAILY!!
It’s even infiltrating my jewelry making…look at my new earrings:
I’m in love! <3 What would your patronus be???!!!


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