So yesterday happened and yes, I cried.

About a week and a half ago, I was contacted by an Etsy employee who told me that Bobbie, from the Today show, had found my emoji earrings and potentially would like to feature them for a gift-giving segment that was slated to air that week. I overnighted all the emoji styles I had and refreshed my USPS tracking code every 5 minutes to make sure it was delivered by noon the next day. Everything went smooth and I waited, and even had a few dreams, that they went live…but I never heard back, so I assumed they didn’t like them or something else came up. No biggie.

Then, while at work, I noticed quite the spike in my etsy sales. On a break, I looked into it more and saw that they were nearly all emojis. It took me a couple hours, and a couple more sales, to realize that maybe the Today show did decide to air them and I just didn’t know about it. So, I emailed the Etsy employee to inquire if it did in fact air or if I was just having a stroke of luck…..well, folks, it was a bit of both!!!! My emoji earrings were aired live on the Today Show with Bobbie Thomas that day!!! December 19, 2014 <3

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You can watch the segment HERE


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This year has been so very, very great for Grey Theory Mill. I am filled with such gratitude & joy that nearly everyday I get to literally/physically make.
Make wearable art and design that people love…make my ideas into something viable…make living the dream a reality. Thank you so much to everyone who makes this possible: my customers, my stockists, my family, my friends, and Trader Joe’s!!!!

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is the only phrase that comes to mind when I think about life in the past couple months. It has been insanely full, but balanced, which I am happy to say I am getting SO much better at :D


Anyhow, Makers Arcade was this past Saturday and it was AMAZING! So many fabulous vendors and a community of people who love & support small-local-handmade makers!! A big THANK YOU to all who came out and to Rebecca & Jen for organizing such an incredible event.

Okay! And now onto the next!! I get to be apart of two more shows before the end of 2014 and thankfully they’re both right before Christmas!! SO, if you’re local, be sure to stop on by!! (Show prices are always better than online prices, and often better than the stockists!!)


The first show will take place on Sunday, December 7th from 11am-5pm on 32nd & Thorn! I will be sharing a booth with the ever so lovely Thread & Arrow, so come and say “hello”!


The next event will be at Blind Lady Ale house on Sunday, December 14th from 11:30-4pm and Blind Lady.



And now, it’s time for bed. I am fairly certain I will be in a Turkey costume most of the day at Trader Joe’s… which means I dance almost the entire day…so I have to maximize the Zzzzz’s. See you around!!

Makers Arcade on Nov. 22, 2014

I am pleased to announce that Grey Theory Mill will be selling at Makers Arcade on November 22nd!!



There will also be a plethora of other neat handmade makers selling their awesome wares too!!! (Rais Case, Thread and Arrow, Mr. B’s Luminaries, Make Good, and Colleen Townsend to name a few!!)
To view a complete lineup go to and check out the Holiday Fair Maker’s List :)


The market will be held in Downtown San Diego at Moniker Warehouse from 11am-5pm and has a PARKING GARAGE!! :)

This will be an event full of great food, neat people, fun things to do, and awesome stuff for purchase!! I hope to see you there!!

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