hello friend, thanks for wanting to learn more about the maker + brand. my name is jonnie and i promise it's pronounced "john-ny". i am a big fan of hot beverages--even when it is hot outside--and spend a lot of time in my head and cuddling my pup. 

I consider myself an entrepreneur with a passion for creating experiences for people like yourself through wearable & attainable art. It brings me so much joy to make, but it is the greatest honor when a product I've made becomes apart of someone else's everyday, so thank you.

My favorite pastimes include reading, tea-drinking, learning, listening, dancing, being, creating, sharing, baking, daydreaming+dreaming, pretending, writing, photo-taking, walking, exploring, shopping for supplies, staying home, stormy weather, traveling, new experiences, karaoke, and many other present progressives.

Design & Handmade Finery for the Chic, Edgy, Unique, and delightfully  Quirky.

Grey Theory Mill began in 2010 A.D. as a hobby to fulfill a need to be & do creative things. I did not realize it then, but reflecting back I see that my subconscious knew all along that this was more than a hobby. Grey Theory Mill is what I was made to do. I was made to make.

Grey Theory Mill is a place where edgy, simple, and quirky ideas come to life through thoughtful and intentional pieces of jewelry (& the sometimes t-shirt.) From sassy + sometimes profane hand-stamped jewelry to dainty + statement necklaces, Grey Theory Mill has aimed to curate and design a cohesive line that the everyday woman can enjoy. All Grey Theory Mill materials are sourced ethically and often through other small businesses. Additionally, earrings are only made with Grade A Titanium earring wire, which is one of the premier and safest metals for super sensitive ears.

Grey Theory Mill is made joyfully in San Diego, California.